What is VGO?

VGO items are digital items generated using blockchain technology. Every VGO item is one-of-a-kind and generated from a smart contract.

Get Started with VGO

You can obtain VGO items several ways: buy an item from a marketplace like OPSkins, trade for one using WAX ExpressTrade, or roll your own by opening vCases with vKeys.

How to get your own VGO items?

Step 1 - Obtain A vKey or item

Keys and items can be purchased from OPSkins.com, any other marketplace that supports VGO items, or received in trade from another VGO user.

Step 2 - Open A vCase

Visit a site like vCase.gg and open vCases with your vKeys. Any vKeys can open any vCases, and the item goes directly into your WAX ExpressTrade inventory.
vCase opening odds are the same as the odds for other similar cases, and each item generated links back to a blockchain transaction. This makes the case odds fully transparent, and makes VGO items impossible to duplicate. Transactions can be looked up at any time using a block explorer.

How to play on VBETSGO.GOM?

Step 1 - Create account on trade.opskins.com

All trades are via trade.opskins.com, so you have to create your own account on opskins plaform HERE.
You can login to opskins with your steam community account.

Step 2 - Setup Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

To create any offer via WAX ExpressTrade you need enabeld Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on you opskins account in settings. You can do it with app like Google Authenticator (Android/iOS)

Step 3 - Send your items from OPSKINS inventory to WAX EXPRESSTRADE

To create offer you need send items from OPskins inventory to WAX ExpressTrade.

Step 4 - Login on VBETSGO.COM

Visit VBETSGO.COM and login via steam account.

Step 5 - Join to game!

Now you can join to game with your VGO items. Remember, that only VGO items are allowed. If you won, you will receive a return offer with your winning. GOOD LUCK!